Donald Trump’s Twitter is still alive, but it’s not as vibrant as we thought

President Donald Trump may not be able to keep up with the latest news in his personal Twitter account, but he’s not going to die off the streets anytime soon.

A number of prominent figures, including the president himself, have been tweeting at the same time, including President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, and, yes, even former Vice President Joe Biden.

That’s not a coincidence.

It’s because, as Trump’s tweets are now known, he’s still tweeting.

And he’s tweeting at his own people.

Trump has a new Twitter account that’s a bit more vibrant than his old account, and that’s also the new place for him to be.

He can use it for direct messages, and he can also use it to organize a live-streamed Q&A.

He’s also using it to keep tabs on the news, and retweeting news and commentary he likes.

And as we noted previously, the president has a Twitter account.

He tweets all day, every day.

And that’s just a little more than what other presidents do.

When I was a kid, I used to watch all my friends on TV, so that was my one social media outlet, but today, when I see that Trump is still tweeting at all, that’s pretty exciting.

That makes sense.

The president is a Twitter superstar, and the world is watching.

This is the first time in a while that he’s managed to put out his own tweets in real time, so he can respond to them directly.

And then, to his people, he can answer questions and take criticism.

He doesn’t need a lot of time to do this, because he’s so busy tweeting.

In fact, he might be tweeting a lot more than he’s doing it right now.

He has his own account, @realDonaldTrump.

And his followers are still following him at the time of this writing.

He used to be a relatively small, little-known account, until the president tweeted his new name.

Then, as he got more attention and was getting more media coverage, the number of followers that Trump had rose to an astonishing level, to the point where he had to delete his old name.

That led to some backlash.

People saw that Trump was using his new Twitter handle to engage with them directly, to respond to their questions and to make them aware of new things he was saying.

People also noticed that the tweets that he was tweeting were not only being shared by his fans, but were also being retweeted by people on his own social media accounts.

When a lot is going on, it’s easy to forget about Twitter, especially when you’re on vacation or something.

When people want to engage, it feels like the world should know that you’re around, so you can respond.

Twitter was a natural platform for this.

It was just that it’s been a bit too convenient for Trump to just tweet on it.

The @realDonaldTrump account is designed to be his personal, private account.

The official @POTUS account is a way for him and his family to interact with him and with the world.

His own account is the one that is being used to communicate directly with the people he cares about.

That means that he can use his own Twitter account to communicate with the American people, to get answers, to communicate in more detail, and to communicate the kind of news that he cares most about.

Twitter, and its users, are going to be the new face of the Trump administration, and it’s going to change the way the American public communicates with the president.

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