The Best and Worst of Paul Ryan and Donald Trump’s Meetings

The latest from The American Conservatives is a podcast episode that explores some of the most notable moments from the most important political speeches of the past two decades.

You can find the episode here: In the first half of the podcast, host Paul Ryan discusses the 2016 election and Trump’s first full year in office, while former vice president Joe Biden also sits down with Ryan and Joe Biden to discuss the 2017 election and the 2018 midterm elections.

In the second half of this two-part podcast, Ryan and Biden discuss the 2018 midterms, including the 2020 presidential election, and Biden takes the opportunity to discuss how he feels about Trump’s second term and the future of the Republican Party.

In this first part, Ryan talks about how Biden’s “first term” came together as a bipartisan effort to bring the country together and then describes the second term of the Democratic Party.

After Biden talks about the 2018 election and Biden discusses the 2020 midterm elections, Ryan says that he hopes Biden’s presidency brings more Democrats into the White House.

He says he is optimistic about the future but also acknowledges that he is not sure how Biden will lead the party.

In Part II, Ryan tells Biden about how he thinks Democrats will handle the 2020 midterms and how he expects a Democratic president to deal with issues like climate change.

He also talks about Biden’s speech at the Democratic National Convention and how it came together and how Biden said he would fight to make America great again.

Ryan also talks to Biden about the 2020 election, which he says he thinks Biden could have handled better, as he was not ready for the challenges of the job.

In part III, Ryan discusses Trump’s inauguration and how that event will be remembered.

Ryan says he believes Trump won the election because of his ability to talk about issues and that he will fight to be a positive president.

Ryan is hopeful about a 2020 Republican administration but warns that Trump will still be there and that Biden will be the face of the party in 2020.

Ryan talks to Ryan about Biden and how they will face the challenges facing the party over the next four years.

Ryan concludes with a conversation about how the Democrats and the country are divided over Trump and Biden’s future.

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