How to follow Jesus and Tika on Facebook and Twitter

Christians around the world are increasingly finding themselves following Jesus and Tigkat on social media, as their faith grows in popularity.

The couple have been embraced by a community of followers who believe they have a connection to the Holy Spirit.

They have amassed more than 12 million followers.

A few days after they began posting daily updates on their website, the couple became a subject of controversy after a viral photo showed the two of them kissing.

In the photo, a man is seen standing behind the pair and holding up a bible verse with his right hand.

A woman is shown smiling at the man while holding up the verse with her left hand.

The caption reads: “God loves you guys.”

In the past, the pair have been criticized for the image, saying it was meant to be a joke.

But they quickly clarified the photo was meant as a statement of faith and apologized.

The couple say they are following Jesus through a process of humility and asking God for forgiveness for their actions, CNN affiliate KTLA reported.

The two were married in 2009, and TigKat said in a recent interview that she would love to see her husband again.

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