How to get more Voltages on Twitter

You can use Twitter’s auto-tweeting feature to get a more complete picture of the latest tweets from your friends and followers.

Here’s how to find the best options.


Follow an active account, like @washingtonpost, or @womensrights, which are popular for women and women-owned businesses.


Go to the bottom of the timeline and click on the “follow” button.


Click on the Twitter logo.


Follow a follower with a similar profile picture and follow them for a while.

You can also tweet to friends or family.

Twitter allows you to tweet at people who you follow and to retweet the retweeted tweet.


If you follow @wagnerwashington, you’ll see tweets from other followers like @kristinawagner and @kathleen_kathryn.

Follow those for a bit and you’ll be rewarded with a retweet of @[email protected]_kathyn, for example.


You may also want to check out @wcgoswilson’s Twitter account.

She’s been retweeting some tweets from the @WCPO, which is the network of the Washington Post, CNN, ABC News and The Associated Press.

She also has a few followers.


Check out @bobcenow for some good tips.


If your friend is a conservative, you might want to follow @realDonaldTrump, @RepBarrasso, @SenSchumer or @SenatorBuck.


Follow @POTUS for some great tips on how to stay on top of the news.


You might want, too, to check the news at

You’ll find the latest updates, including the latest in the ongoing investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.


If it’s time to make a call, check the @LATimes call center to get started.


Check the @ABCNews app for live news and current events.


You don’t have to follow all the Twitter rules and don’t necessarily have to, but you should be aware of them.

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