Follow Me Drone – An Interactive Drone for the Twitter Feed

Drone is a new app for the Google Now Launcher, which is meant to bring a lot of functionality to the way we access the various Google services.

It’s an excellent idea that Google should make a drone that will make it easier to check in on your followers, for example, or to see how many followers you have. 

Follow Me drone is available for Android and iOS, with Android versions being released later this year.

It comes with an integrated camera, which will be the camera of choice for many of us when using the app. 

Like most drone apps, the app will track your followers by tracking the times they appear on the screen and also by tracking their location.

This can be very useful if you want to see where they are from, but also if you just want to check what followers you follow have posted, for instance. 

You can also use it to monitor the tweets of other followers, as well as the followers of specific accounts. 

The app is compatible with all the major Google services including Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube and Google+. 

Follow Me drone is a great app for finding out what you’re following on Twitter, as it will be a great tool for sharing with friends and colleagues. 

I also found it quite helpful for checking what Twitter users are tweeting at you, as I would see many of my followers tweeting about me in a tweet that I might have replied to a while back. 

Follow me drone is free, and I was able to get my first one within an hour, and it’s also compatible with a number of services including Google+, Google Hangouts, Skype and YouTube. 

For more information on Follow Me drones check out Google’s Blog and Google Blogspot on followme drones. Read more Follow @juliangoszewski Follow Me – Drone app for Android

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