What if I had been an atheist?

It’s the first question that comes to mind when someone thinks of Anjem Choudary, a former imam who has become one of the most outspoken critics of Islam.

The Hill asked Choudaries followers on Twitter how they would answer his question: Is it true that Islam teaches followers to “love and be kind”?

If you answered yes, you were invited to join an online forum where participants answered questions in the first person, then posted responses in a public Facebook thread.

The comments ranged from, “I never loved the way that Islam taught me to love others and be nice” to, “My god, I was born in the wrong country.

My god, what happened to my people?”

It was a stark difference from the responses on Choudry’s Facebook page.

The page was largely devoid of comments except for a few that said, “Don’t let the word ‘Allah’ scare you.

Allah is the only God.”

Many of those comments were made in the wake of a controversial speech by Choudries wife, Fadila Choudya, who said that her husband’s views are not supported by the Koran.

The Choudas are Muslims and the speech sparked outrage among Muslims worldwide.

Choudary apologized for his comments, saying that they are meant to be humorous and were not intended to insult or demonize Islam.

He also said he does not consider Islam to be a religion of peace.

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