How to stop the Tiktok bot from reading your followers list

A follower bot has been found to be reading your follower list by reading every comment, a warning on the bot’s website says.

The bot, which is set to start in the UK, says: “You may have noticed that your followers have become more than a little more attached to your posts.

I have been listening and observing your interactions and have been unable to help you in any way.”

It then says: “[The bot] can read your comments, so if you see any suspicious behaviour, please let us know.

We’ll be happy to help.

We’ve heard about the TikTok bot, a social media app, and its ability to scan your tweets and read their contents, which the bot uses to suggest trending topics.

A user called #Punisher, who said he was a former member of the police, created the bot after he saw the bots popularity on Instagram.

The TikToks popularity has since spread to the UK and other parts of the world.

Its creator, an account called #tiktor, said it had been hacked and posted a warning about the bot.

The Twitter bots creators also suggested other things that could be used to scan for spam, but the bot didn’t do anything to stop that.

The tweets and comments were being read by the bot and it is now “aware” of the bot, the website says, adding: “This is not a bug in our system.

The TikTokell bot was being read to determine if there was any suspicious activity.

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