Facebook says fake tikts followers are a huge problem

Facebook has told staff to stop trying to persuade people to click on links to fake tika accounts, saying they are causing serious harm to the company.

The company said it was working with authorities to remove fake accounts and has set up a task force to tackle the problem.

The Facebook spokesperson told employees on Wednesday that it was “important for everyone to be aware that tiktis followers are fake and they are hurting our community”.

Facebook, which said in March it had lost more than US$50m (£31.3m) in revenue from fake accounts in 2016, is trying to crack down on the issue by banning users who post “fake tika followers” and limiting their reach to “friends, family, or close friends”.

Facebook said that people could be banned for up to 30 days if they try to use a fake tikk to share information about themselves on Facebook.

But it said that it is now trying to find ways to help people avoid getting trapped by these accounts and remove them from their news feed.

“We are working to reduce the volume of fake accounts on our platform and to make it more difficult for fake accounts to continue to exist,” the spokesperson said.

Facebook has already taken steps to help prevent fake accounts from forming, including banning accounts and limiting the people who can see their news feeds.

In the last six months, the company has also taken steps in response to fake accounts, including shutting down fake accounts that were linked to Russia and blocking users who posted links to them in their newsfeeds.

However, the Facebook spokesperson said that the company was also working with police in several countries to “counter the growth of fake tIKs accounts”.

“We’re also working to find a way to help our community members find legitimate and trusted accounts, and remove those that are threatening our community,” he said.

“If you see a fake account, don’t click on it.

It may look like a friend, but it’s actually an attacker.”

The Facebook spokesman said that “fake” accounts are created for a variety of reasons, but that they often consist of “inappropriate material, content or language”.

He said that Facebook had “reached out” to authorities to share how to prevent fake tiko accounts, but had yet to receive a response.

He also said that more enforcement measures were planned.

“I can’t say how many people are seeing these fake accounts or how many we’ve had a report from,” the Facebook spokesman told reporters.

“As we continue to work with law enforcement, we’ll continue to take steps to remove these accounts.”

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