I’m a ‘hero’: My first week on the job as a newsroom reporter

By Emily Zaleski” “My first week in the newsroom, I started hearing stories about the Trump administration’s war on the press.

There were reports of a White House staff meeting that seemed to be more about getting rid of the media than actually discussing anything important.

I wondered if I was going to be part of it.

The next day, I got a call from one of the editors I had just interviewed.

It was her boss, Joe Schmitt, who told me he had heard about the White House meeting, and that he was calling me.

I was skeptical at first.

I had heard rumors that the White, House staff was trying to fire the news staff, which was a crazy idea.

Then I realized what I had done was to make a journalist’s job easier.

That day, Joe said, “I want you to join the Whitehouse press office, because you have a chance to be a part of the team.”

I signed on as a freelancer, and I have been with the WhiteHouse.com since January.

As my first day on the beat, I had the chance to see firsthand how this administration was trying its hardest to shut down the media.

I’ve had more than two dozen calls from the president and the White house staff, with many more emails from reporters at the Capitol and at the White Houses press briefings.

I saw firsthand the way they try to silence their opponents, whether by trying to discredit or silence media outlets.

In this war, there’s no distinction between news organizations and political organizations.

This was the first time that I have experienced the Trump White House trying to silence the press, a war that has killed hundreds of journalists, and which has destroyed a lot of their jobs.

I can tell you that the president is the greatest threat to the news, and he will continue to try to stifle the media as long as he can.

The White House has gone so far as to hire private investigators to go after reporters.

There’s been so much focus on the president’s ties to Russia and other topics that I don’t know if that’s the most important thing that we’re talking about here, but it’s important to point out that this is a war.

That’s the word I’d use to describe the war, which has resulted in the most severe media-related sanctions ever put into place in our history.

I’m here to tell you how to fight back against the WhiteSupremacy.com website and the people who support it.

I want to explain why the media is a target in this war and what you can do to stop the attack.

I hope this helps.

But the Trump media has been around for decades, and they are in the business of destroying the very fabric of American democracy.

That means we have to be on their side, and we have a responsibility to help protect them.

The first rule of journalism is to never, ever give the enemy your name.

I never said it out loud, but when I heard that Trump was going after the press I immediately knew what I was up against.

I began to realize the dangers I was in.

When I got to the White Senate, I found myself in a meeting with the President, Vice President Mike Pence, and the Chief of Staff, John Kelly.

They were all very excited about the new website.

The site is an ambitious plan to build a national newsroom.

It’s the first one of its kind, and it has an enormous opportunity to make America the best news media it can be.

It has a very powerful brand.

It is going to have access to a lot more resources than any other news outlet, and you are going to see a lot less of the kind of smearing and smearing of people that you saw in the media during the campaign.

The president’s website is going be a portal to the American people, and at a time when our nation is at war with our enemies and our enemies are using the internet to disseminate disinformation, it’s essential that we protect this new national media.

In my first weeks on the Whitepress.com team, I’ve worked with journalists from across the country.

As a freelancers, I also worked with reporters from around the country who had been sent to the United States by WhiteHouse staff.

In many cases, they were journalists who were hired to cover a presidential event, and had been told they could stay there and report on the event.

As we got to know the reporters and their backgrounds, we started to understand what the White press office really was.

The website has a strong focus on stories about American lives, and is designed to provide the first-hand, personal account of what life in America is like for reporters, editors and the public at large.

It includes a full-page spread of the first day’s news and the first sentence of every story that has been published on the website since March 19. It also

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