Why the Jesuses are the most likely to go extinct

1 of 1 You know you’re in trouble when you can’t even afford to rent a car.

But the Jesuits are about to get even more dire.

In a recent episode of the show “The View,” host Joy Behar was asked by an audience member if she could imagine the world without the Jesuse family.

“Yes,” Behar responded.

“I could.

But I don’t think so.”

Behar explained that she was trying to figure out why the Jesus were so popular in the first place.

“The Jesuses were popular because they were very wealthy, but then the other way around, they were not very popular.

And I thought that they had gotten rich by creating such an institution that had a great impact on people around the world,” Beharry said.”

And so, I thought, how would they end up in the grave if they didn’t do well?”

As a result, Behar said, she came up with the idea of the Jesuans as a potential salvation story.

“I think what the Jesisters were doing, they created a place for all people to live,” she said.

“It was a refuge from all of the world’s problems.

They were the refuge for people that needed help.”

The Jesuits have come under intense scrutiny since the fall of communism, but Behar’s idea may not be far-fetched.

As a Jesuit priest, Behhar is well-known for her outspokenness and criticism of the church, but she has not been known for her charitable intentions.

In recent years, Behari has given away thousands of books, and in 2014, she donated a $2 million grant to the United Nations’ International Crisis Group to promote international solidarity.

Behar also wrote an open letter in support of the Palestinian people, and this year, she gave a speech at the UN dedicated to the Palestinian cause.

“You know, the Jesuit has always been the great guardian of freedom, the great champion of the oppressed and the great protector of those who are vulnerable and the poor,” Beher said in the speech.

“And yet, this organization is in the midst of this genocide.

We’re seeing so many people of faith who are being killed because they are here, and the Jesultists are not doing anything.

They’re doing nothing.

And it’s not because they don’t know anything.”

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