Google’s YouTube to offer new ads on Twitch channel to counter Twitch’s influence

Google’s Google+ video sharing platform Twitch has been a significant contributor to YouTube’s popularity over the years, but the company has recently started targeting its own brand of video content with adverts to counteract the influence of Twitch’s audience.

Twitch’s adverts have also been used to counter YouTube’s influence, and now, YouTube has launched a new ad campaign on the platform that will appear on YouTube’s own channel, which features videos from its own channels.

Twitch is the third channel on YouTube that has been targeted by Google in recent weeks.

YouTube first used Twitch to target its own channel in December, when it launched a campaign targeting YouTube personalities like PewDiePie, PewDieDogg and PewDiePew.

However, Twitch was not able to stop YouTube from using its channel as a marketing tool.

A few weeks later, YouTube launched an ad campaign to counter the influence that Twitch has on YouTube.

The new campaign is not targeted specifically at YouTube, but rather will target Twitch’s videos and channels.

In the new ad, which will appear at the end of the channel, YouTube is advertising a new channel called “YouTube Stories” which will feature videos from YouTube’s YouTube channels and will include a brand-new advertisement.

“We are introducing a new campaign to counteract Twitch’s advertising,” YouTube says in the ad.

“With this campaign, YouTube Stories will be able to reach new audiences by focusing on their favourite YouTube creators.

The campaign will also include a new brand-name ad.”

The new channel is set to launch in the coming weeks and will offer more original content and will be free to all YouTube users.

“As part of our mission to build a more personalized and personalized experience, we are going to offer a free version of YouTube Stories to YouTube creators,” YouTube adds.

“In addition to videos that are related to their channel, the channel will also feature a brand name that will be available to YouTube and other partners.”

YouTube says that the brand name will be a brand new brand and will not be available elsewhere.

This brand new ad will be used in conjunction with an earlier ad campaign that also included a brand brand, but it is not clear when it will launch.

YouTube’s brand name, however, will be visible in the YouTube Stories channel’s video description.

“This campaign is available to all users who have subscribed to YouTube Stories,” YouTube writes in the description of the new campaign.

“YouTube Story creators will receive the new brand brand to be available through their channel when they open the channel.

This will be one of the first times this brand has been used on YouTube.”

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