What will the next steps be for the Trump administration?

With the White House set to hold a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday to fill the vacancy left by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the president’s top advisers are working behind the scenes to figure out how to fill it.

Trump has said he is open to the possibility of appointing a Cabinet secretary, but he has so far not indicated whether he will do so.

His team has been working to fill key posts in the administration, including Attorney General nominee Brett Talley and deputy attorney general nominee David Hale, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Trump and his team are weighing the options in light of reports that he is considering putting his pick for attorney general in charge of the investigation into his former campaign adviser, John Dowd.

The president is also expected to hold talks with the National Economic Council director and other top White House officials, according an administration official.

The President also is weighing his options for replacing Attorney General Sessions, which would likely require a dramatic shift in strategy in the White Senate.

Trump has repeatedly said he would prefer to fire Sessions, who was forced to resign over his handling of the Russia probe, but sources told The Hill that the president could also look at other candidates.

The administration is also preparing to announce its nominee for deputy attorney and assistant attorney general positions, according one White House official, who also said Trump is considering a number of people.

“I’m not going to speculate,” said the official.

“There are a lot of candidates out there.”

Trump has also reportedly been considering picking former FBI Director James Comey to replace Sessions.

Comey, who has not endorsed Trump in the past, is a close friend of the president.

Trump’s former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon and other Trump allies have long been urging the president to fire the former FBI director, who served for less than three months in the role.

Trump could also consider hiring the former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara, who is expected to take a senior role in the Justice Department under Attorney General Rosenstein, according a source familiar with Trump’s thinking.

Bharara, a favorite of the White, has worked with the president on several occasions.

He is a partner at the law firm of WilmerHale, which is in the process of hiring a top attorney for the office.

Trump would also have to appoint a new FBI director to replace James Comey, which could prove difficult.

Trump, who fired Comey in May, is said to be considering his choices in light a probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election that was announced in October.

But Trump has not made any public moves to fill Comey’s job.

Barely two weeks after Comey was fired, he issued a scathing report on the FBI’s handling of his handling the probe into the former president’s alleged collusion with Russia.

He concluded that Trump was not guilty of obstruction of justice, and called on Trump to resign.

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