How to watch the new season of ‘The Voice’ on Netflix

It was supposed to be a great time for the new TV season of the popular show The Voice.

That’s because the season’s theme, “Who’s in charge?,” is about to come back for a third season.

The episode, “The Party’s Over,” will be released on Sept. 27.

It’s a big deal.

It will be the first new episode of the season since it aired in April, and it will be seen by an ever-growing number of fans.

The show’s new theme is about a group of kids who have been locked in a school locker room, only to discover they are being watched by a giant robot.

The robot wants to find the kids and the robot can’t find them.

In this episode, we learn the robot is a little girl named Zoe, played by Whitney Cummings, and her friend, Emily, played in a nod to the show’s original star, Sarah Silverman.

The theme is so big that the episode will be shown in the same way every week.

In addition to “Who Is in Charge?” the new episode will also feature a new guest star, the show creator, Andy Samberg, who has been starring in a series of comedy specials.

The special will air on Sept, 30, at 8 p.m.

ET on Netflix.

You can catch the episode, along with the rest of the new episodes, below: The Party’s Undercover is set to return to Netflix Sept. 26, followed by “The Voice” on Sept 27.

The episodes “The Love Boat,” “The Night of the Living Dead” and “The Big Bang Theory” will be available to stream on the streaming service in full.

“The love boat,” a short film directed by Timur Kuligin, is available on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

The film is directed by a director named Irina Piontkovskaya.

“Who in charge?” is directed in part by Irina, who previously directed a documentary titled “The First Time.”

The new theme comes just days after another major episode of The Voice, the season premiere of which is available now on Netflix, was delayed several weeks.

That episode, titled “I Am A Girl,” was supposed on Sept 25, but was pushed back until Oct. 2 because of a computer glitch.

The delay was not intentional.

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