A new way to stream your favorite movies and TV shows with Android Wear smartwatch

This is a pretty big deal, with Android Pay becoming the new way for consumers to pay for online purchases.

Android Pay can now work with your smartwatch to make purchases. 

This means that if you have an Android Wear device, you can swipe left or right to open up the app, and then use your phone to make a purchase on your wrist. 

As the name implies, this is a swipe and pay solution.

You can swipe to make an online purchase on a device that’s connected to your smart watch. 

If you’re just getting into the Android Wear platform, you won’t be able to do this directly from your phone, but if you already have an iPhone or Android smartphone, it’s a fairly simple process. 

You’ll need to download the Android Pay app onto your smart phone and connect it to your Android Wear account. 

Once connected, Android Pay will automatically launch.

If you’ve already purchased something online, the app will automatically scan your payment card and ask you to verify your identity. 

Now that your payment is verified, you’ll be able click on “Manage my purchases” to complete your purchase.

If the transaction is approved, you’re done. 

While the app can’t scan credit card data, the option to swipe left to make transactions is very handy.

You’ll be prompted to enter a PIN and tap the button to confirm the transaction. 

Android Pay works on all Android Wear devices, including the Google Pixel, Moto 360, and the Pebble smartwatch. 

It’s a bit limited at the moment, but the app is definitely worth a look. 

Download Android Pay Android Wear watches will get a big upgrade this year. 

The Google Pixel and Moto 360 both get an upgrade to Android Wear 2.0, with a new design and faster charging speeds. 

Apple Watch owners will also get an update this year, with new hardware like the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition, as well as new apps like the new Pillow app. 

WatchOS 3 is a free upgrade to the iOS platform. 

There’s still a few things to consider, but it seems like the Google+ app is the best way to get started with the platform.

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