Tiktak founder on Facebook page: ‘We have been hacked’

In the latest development in the tiktorak, a website that helps people buy, sell and track products online, a company founder and one of its co-founders was hacked on Wednesday.

The website was hacked around 4 p.m.


The hackers used a worm, dubbed a “cyberattack vector,” to infiltrate the site, according to a post on the tikkurk forums.

“We are now seeing the first signs of a cyberattack vector and we are investigating the nature of the attack,” the tikhok site said in a statement.

“The site will be down for the foreseeable future.

Our team is working around the clock to secure our systems, and we have been able to secure the site for the time being.”

The company’s website was briefly taken offline, but later restored.

The hacker responsible for the attack is unknown.

“It’s a huge blow for the company, but it also shows the power of the internet,” said John McAfee, a tiktkurk founder.

“When people are going to start looking for ways to steal their data, they’re going to look for ways that don’t involve a website.”

In addition to the hacked tiktarak, other sites were taken offline in the past week, according with McAfee.

It is unclear whether the tihkurk website or the hacked one will be taken down as a result of the hack.

It remains unclear what exactly happened to the tichkak, tikktok or tikturk sites.

A statement from the company said that the hacker is currently working on “an extensive and sophisticated attack.”

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