How to get your flight following me drone video

Drone pilot Mia Khalifa, the popular model known for her work in makeup and fashion, has now become the latest celebrity to share a video showing her flying a drone, and it’s an incredible achievement.

Khalifa flew her drone in the skies over Dubai last week, using it to take a picture of her and her model son and wife before they went to the beach.

The drone was powered by a Raspberry Pi computer, and the footage shows Khalifa flying with the camera in her hand.

The video shows her flying through the sky, with her arms outstretched and hands in the air.

“I had to make the camera move so it was easier to see her,” Khalifa said.

“The first time I did this, I was really nervous, because it was so far away, and I thought it would take forever.”

KhalIFA and her husband, Zayn Malik, are well known for their work in the makeup and clothing industry, and have a wide range of brands under their belts.

Khalifa was recently featured in an ad for a new perfume called “Tattoo” and also appeared in an episode of MTV’s “Drunk History.”

Watch the full video below.

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