Why you should not use Instagram live for video content

It’s time to ditch Instagram live, the social media network’s live-streaming app.

Here’s why.

Read more:Instagram has not made it easy to embed videos or photos from its platform into Instagram, the company announced Tuesday.

The company also announced it is revamping its app design and updating the layout to better support the live-video experience.

The update, which was released today, adds the ability to embed a video from an app’s home page in Instagram videos and images, as well as in other Instagram video types.

The feature has been available for a while, but the move to a new layout for Instagram Live could make it easier for Instagram to support video embeds in the future.

Here’s how to get started:Follow this guide to embed video from Instagram.

When you’ve done that, go to Settings > Live Video & Videos > Embed a video.

You’ll see an option for embedding from the video you just embedded in a new video window.

Tap it and Instagram will display a live preview.

If you want to use the live preview, tap the “Embed a Video” option in the video preview.

This will open a new window where you can choose whether you want Instagram to automatically embed the video or not.

If you don’t want it to automatically, you can change that setting.

Once the embed option is selected, you’ll see a list of videos in your feed, and you’ll be shown a video preview that includes the video title and caption.

Tap the video to play it.

The next time you want your video to appear in a video feed, you simply need to follow the link to the video on Instagram’s website.

Here are the instructions:This is a pretty big change for Instagram, which has been known for its livestreaming feature for some time.

In fact, it launched Live Photos last fall, which offered a similar feature to the one Instagram introduced with Live Videos.

It’s unclear if the new update will extend Live Photos to video, though it seems likely.

It was recently reported that Instagram is working on a feature called Instagram Stories that would allow users to post videos and photos to Instagram, but it’s unclear when it will launch.

This is not the first time Instagram has been criticized for being too rigid in how it supports video embedding.

In July, the platform said it was removing support for embeding videos on its platform.

Instagram also announced in October that it would remove support for live-viewing in live video and live photos.

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