Which of these are the top 5 most popular hashtags on Twitter?

Twitter has long been the social media hub of choice for the Canadian public, but its influence on Canadian politics has never been as robust.

While there are a number of factors that contribute to Twitter’s popularity in Canada, there are also a number that help explain why it has such an outsized impact on the country’s politics.

As the country prepares for a national election, we’ve asked Canadians to share their favourite hashtags.

Below, you’ll find five of the most popular, along with some of the reasons why they are so popular.1.

#TeamBlue, #TeamCanada2.




#FuturesBlue With more than two million followers on Twitter, it is no surprise that #Teamblue, #Voteblue and #Censusblue are among the most-followed hashtags in Canada.

Although #Team Canada is a more-traditional Canadian term for the Conservatives, #CitizenBlue, which has over three million followers, is an entirely Canadian hashtag.

It is also the #1 most-referred hashtag on Instagram.

While #Team Blue has over six million followers in Canada as of January 2020, #Patreon is more popular in Canada than any other Canadian hashtag, with over four million followers.

Patreons, a crowdfunding platform, has become increasingly popular as the country looks to the future of its political parties, with its $50 million goal coming just this year.

#Caucus Blue is the third most-popular Canadian hashtag in terms of followers, behind #Vote Blue and #VoteCanada.

There are many other Canadian hashtags, like #FosterBlue, and #TeamRed, which have over seven million followers each.

Finally, #FlexBlue is the #2 most-favoured hashtag in Canada with more than six million supporters.

The hashtag has gained momentum since it was launched in early 2018, but it has gained a lot of traction over the past year as the Liberals have gained popularity.

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