Trump slams Senate Dems for holding ‘secret session’ on Obamacare

Senate Democrats held a secret session Thursday to discuss their ObamaCare replacement plan, despite pressure from President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

The session was largely focused on healthcare, and it was not disclosed by the White House or Democrats who have been in the process of crafting a new health care bill.

The session was the latest in a series of meetings between Democrats and Republicans that have put pressure on GOP leaders to produce a new healthcare bill by Friday.

Democrats have expressed concern about the pace of the process and Trump’s use of Twitter to criticize them and the Senate GOP, but the House Speaker and White House officials have remained silent.

Democrats are trying to get Republicans to pass a new bill by the end of this week, but GOP leaders are not willing to compromise.

Democrats and Trump have clashed frequently over the past few months, with Trump accusing them of “dysfunction” and criticizing them for holding secret sessions.

The two sides have clashed on a number of issues, including a recent effort to hold a special Senate GOP lunch for lawmakers on the Hill.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has made it clear that he wants Republicans to get a new legislative vehicle through by the deadline of Friday.

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