Axios: New York Times reporter says she has been targeted by ‘right-wing trolls’ in recent weeks

Axios — New York Times journalist Sarah Posner says she was “slightly surprised” by the extent of the attacks and has been receiving a stream of threats, both online and in person.

Posner, who is married to journalist Michael Lewis, said the threats she’s received have been coming in through Twitter and Facebook, and she said she has received several death threats.

She said she had been receiving several death and rape threats on the same day.

“I don’t think I was surprised at all,” Posner said.

“It was kind of like, well, what do you mean?

You can’t even do this in the real world, you can’t just put your finger on it.”

Posner was in New York on Tuesday to attend a meeting on the new Trump administration’s policy on the environment and climate change, and said the conversation quickly devolved into a discussion about the recent threats to her life.

Posners remarks on the topic came a day after a Washington Post reporter was assaulted by right-wingers in a Washington, D.C. hotel lobby.

Posnner’s remarks came a week after she said the Washington Post reporters had been subject to racist and sexist online attacks.

She also said on Tuesday that she was receiving threatening messages on Twitter about a “fake” account.

The New York City police department declined to comment on the incidents, which occurred during the same time Posner wrote her op-ed.

The Post also has faced a wave of harassment in recent days, including the publication of an article by reporter Michael Lewis about his experience with Trump’s White House aides, who he alleged harassed him, and his wife, journalist Jo Becker.

Lewis wrote that Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, had allegedly harassed him and made disparaging remarks about him during a dinner party.

Posnyer did not mention Priebus in her op/ed.

Posney, who reported from New York for the New York Post in 2020, said that the Trump administration has not made any comment about the threats, which she said had taken a physical form.

“They have been a real and growing threat for me to deal with, as well as to my family, friends, and colleagues,” she wrote.

“So far, I have not heard from the White House, nor have I seen any official response from the administration.

But if they really are afraid, I believe they will try to find a way to hide their crimes and cover up their crimes.”

Posnners op-eds have been among the most controversial articles in the Times, which has become a major source of news for Trump’s presidency.

Posninger has published articles critical of Trump’s policies on immigration, immigration enforcement, and the Trump family.

“Trump has made it clear that he wants to shut down our media and shut down the mainstream media,” she said in an interview.

“This is his attack, and it’s really clear he’s trying to intimidate people and destroy the media, including me.”

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