When are you going to start thinking about who is going to win this race?

MSNBC: The Republican presidential race is getting closer.

The Associated Press and USA Today reported that Jeb Bush is leading Chris Christie, the former Florida governor and front-runner for the Republican nomination.

The AP’s Bob Costa tweeted that Bush has already surpassed Christie’s support among Republican primary voters.

But there is no way to know whether Bush will catch up, Costa added.

The poll found that Bush led Christie, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ben Carson by 11 percentage points in the Feb. 10 New Hampshire primary, though they each held the lead in the latest poll.

The CNN poll found Bush leading Christie by 11 points in a hypothetical matchup in the March 3 primary.

The poll also found Christie leading Rubio by nine points, but Cruz was ahead by four points.

A total of 17 percent of New Hampshire Republicans said they would support Bush if he was the GOP nominee, according to the poll.

That was down from 20 percent who said the same thing last month.

The number of undecided Republicans dropped from 18 percent to 14 percent.

The New Hampshire poll was conducted by Princeton University’s Institute for Public Opinion.

The AP’s poll of Iowa voters was conducted Feb. 13-15.

The latest RealClearPolitics average of polls shows Bush leading by 11.5 points, with Cruz leading by 4.5.

The RealClear Politics average of national polls shows Christie leading by 7.5, with Rubio leading by 3.5 and Carson by 3 points.

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