How to name your familiars, but only after years of research

The term “familiars” is used in Hindi to denote the family members of people.

It comes from the word “familiar” which means companion.

But it has evolved into a broader concept.

The term, however, is not a formal synonym for the term family.

So what does the word familiar mean?

It is a noun, not a verb, so it can be used as a noun (families are families) or a verb (families are related).

This makes it a bit different to English, which uses the word family.

For example, the word brother in English is a verb.

However, familias are the people who live in the family, which means that the word refers to the family of the person.

The word familier is also a noun and the plural form familari is used for the people in a family.

It is used as an adjective to describe someone who has a strong affinity with another person.

It can also be used in the form familiare, which literally means family or family members.

This can mean that a person’s family members have a particular interest in them or they have a close bond with them.

But the term familiari has been used to refer to a whole group of people who are close in a relationship, or to someone who is related to another person who shares the same interests and has the same characteristics.

Familiare is a word that is used by people in all parts of India, not just the southern part of the country.

So it’s a word for everyone.

This article has been corrected to reflect the fact that familiaries are a distinct concept from families, rather than a verb or adjective.

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